1.Supply of  Equipment

TSACO’s main purpose is supplying of briquetting, compaction-granulation and grinding equipment to its customers in various industries.

2. Engineering Services


Providing special consultation to its customers is one of the most important goals of TSACO. In other words, solving problems of customers in the shortest time with the lowest cost and at the highest quality is our major concern.


TSACO is ready to provide the following services to its customers:


Designing of briquetting plants

Installing and starting-up of briquetting plants

Renovation and optimization of old depreciated briquetting plants

After sales services and spare parts supplying for briquetting plants

3.Research &  Development


Research and development in briquetting industry is one of the most important missions of TSACO. With obtaining research license from Ministry of Industries and Business of Iran, we could pass effective steps in the briquetting world.


Using of domestic and international researchers, and by close relationship with reliable laboratories, TSACO is ready to perform any research project in the briquetting industry.

Up to now, TSACO has performed following research projects in briquetting industry: